Zaïteku International

ZAITEKU International (en japonais ZaÏteku signifie: la technologie de l’argent) est un spécialiste des méthodes de refinancements publics.

Nous pouvons intervenir au service des états comme consultants, ainsi que pour les collectivités territoriales, mais aussi pour le compte des entreprises en tant que coinvestisseurs,  arrangeurs des financements  en  Partenariats Publics Privés.

Born from the Private Public Partnerships management, raised to the hard law of the profitability of mixed investments, we are now the first

global specialist in turning  public debts to investment vouchers in economic performances.

The goal remains the same: to meet the needs of humanity by bringing technical progress under the control of governments and competent authorities. Just, we added a little financial knowledge to make socially possible what was deemed impossible budget.


Without indebtedenies to the community, provide the necessary equipment for citizens

Our Services

Studies and feasibility of debt conversion and upstream financial partnerships

Funding & Legal Enginenering

Project Evaluation, Risk management.

Project management




International (ZaÏteku in Japanese means: the technology of money) is a specialist in public refinancing methods. We can act in the service of states as consultants, as well as for local authorities, but also on behalf of companies as arrangers of financing and conventions useful for Public Private Partnerships.


Get a Global financial Partner For Your collective interest Project

No Project Too Big Or Too Small



Improve public services, satisfy citizens and civil servants, strengthen the powers of the state by better controlling its perishing while boosting employment, competition, public revenues and financial security: there are now A solution!

 breathe new life into your economy and ease the debt burden for generations to come

countries particularly concerned

100 pages: it only takes 100 pages to fully understand our know-how and the economic potential it can bring to your constituents

 Possible Projects

improve and modernize public facilities without increasing the tax burden
Lower taxes on production and boost industrial employment
Reduce the state budget by improving its financial rating

We will become your most efficient assistant to help you improve your accounts, improve the structures and infrastructures of your area of ​​expertise, while reducing the compulsory deductions of your citizens.

Do not back away from the important needs of the people in your charge: money is not a problem if the need is justified!
Without risk of exploitation, without debt, offer your citizens water, air, roads, economy, education and all the public services they deserve!


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